Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Re: posts belowInterestingly, the term 'salad days' was mentioned by the baldy from Sex in the City who is now on my new favourite show, Californication - why did I not discover the David Duchovny hotness earlier? No one eats on that show, all they do is drink Fiji water, cocktails and hard liquor.

And I need to go back and write a proper post about the Whole Foods store on High Street Kensington as I loved going there a few weeks ago. I spent forever in there. I actually lost track of time, checking out all their products, produce, cheeses etc.. it was a great food shopping experience which resulted in me buying oysters, an oyster shucker, swordfish steaks and white sea bass. It was too much fish for one weekend but it was great, bar the Oysters that were not too juicy-how do you choose oysters? Do you shake them to see if there is lots of seawater inside?

More places like this are needed in London, am really getting annoyed with shopping at the local petrol station for my fruit and veg.

Anyhow another busy week, am surviving on golden pineapple in the morning, chicken and rice soup for lunch and whatever is in the fridge for dinner - lots of Thai food is being consumed from our local favourite, Street Hawker - the guy even knows us in there and asks, 'nasi goreng for you?' Errm...maybe should go there a little less. How do you get bathing suit body in 2 weeks?

Running & Pilates marathon to commence immediately...

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