Monday, June 09, 2008

Use Lactaid to make yoghurtI was almost poisoned 2x this week by milk related activity. First I think I was served a regular latte at the Sanderson Hotel, but I asked for a soy one of course. During my meeting I was feeling very ill, was sick a few times and felt off the whole day - the only thing I could attribute it to was the latte. It also took a long time to get the latte, it had to be ordered a few times and chased up and I think in the delay there was a mix up of the milk used. I was pre-occupied with the meeting so didn't really examine the taste but think it was definitely the cause of my seeing stars at one point in the day. oh joy!

And, while in Canada I bought this little bottle of drops which I thought would allow me to drink milk daily again. Instructions are to add 15 drops to one litre of milk and then let stand for 24hours to kill all the lactose. I did as directed, and the next day had cereal and milk for the first time in ages, but it tasted a little funny. I ignored that and thought about the next day's breakfast. Day 2 - I open the milk and there is a funny rotten smell - like yoghurt that has gone off. I rush off to work without drinking it as not too sure about the smell. When I get home that evening the container of milk is completely turned into some sort of slushy, solid pudding. It was gross and in the bin it went!

The next day I am taking my calcium pill at work and moaning about it -wishing the milk brand Lactancia was sold here and up pops an email from a nice young man saying he has been reading about my lactose intolerance on the blob (as my family calls it) and he wants to send me some samples of lactose free milk to try.

Will let you know how the new product goes - am sure they don't sell it in my petrol station super market.

A question I have been asking is, if you don't drink milk or eat any dairy, what are other food sources provide calcium?

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