Thursday, October 01, 2009

Recipe of the day -Sanguinaccio Dolce (sweet blood -hmm...sound familiar?)

I was looking through my Sicilian cookbooks and found this chestnut! I loved the title of the recipe but the main ingredient is not too appealing, but hey I guess someone in Sicily eats this as it is in a cookbook.

  • 1 Litro di sangue di maiale (1 litre of pig's blood)
  • 200 grammi di granella di mandorle tostate (200 grams of ground up almonds)
  • 500 grammi di zucchero (500 grams of sugar)
  • 200 grammi di cioccolato fondente (200 grams of chocolate)
  • 100 grammi di zuccata a pezzettini (100 grams of candied pumpkin)
Mix the fresh blood energetically and then pass it through a sieve, add sugar and simmer it over a low flame, when it gets creamy, add the pumpkin, turn the heat off and let it sit to cool.

Once cool add the almonds, sugar and chocolate and serve it cold .......yum, yum.

I actually feel a bit queasy, luckily this book doesn't have a photograph. Please email me if you have ever had this delicacy.

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Rana said...

That does not sound appetizing!