Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The pearls & the family businessThe annual tomato sauce factory was set up this year again at Zia's abode. My nephew, sporting his green pearly beads again, this time in green, assisted; last year he was whisked away to the park to not interfere with serious Sicilian business.

He was very meticulous at his tasks and was very well behaved, well done PJ. At one point I was in charge of the home made grinding contraption which is about 25 years old, is most likely unsafe to use electrically and felt like it would explode at any moment (there are strange noises and pieces that look like bathroom plumbing sticking out of it) but who cares about health and safety when Uncle Frank guarantees that it is sound!

Luckily it made it through but I was hesitant along with the other workers on the day to comment as I may not get to eat any of the delicious results or worse I could be written out of the will, and I would love to get my hands on that machine when the Lord takes the tomato chiefs! It is a work of art.

After a few hours of jokes, mean looks from 'the boss' and lots of tomato splatter, five families have their delicious supplies for a year. If anyone would like a jar I am selling them for £10 a piece -cheaper than Carluccios'. I haven't tasted this year's batch but am hoping for a special delivery soon.


Anna said...

This is good Love it.


Dolce said...

I knew you would like that!