Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mr McGregor's House...

...has now re-opened under new ownership. For those of you who were disappointed when its doors were shut you can enjoy some tea and puddings in the garden or in the old tea house again.

I haven't been since the new owner rescued the lovely business but we found out the news from a friendly neighbour in Kleinburg. Rexi, Povi and I were having some 'limone' (gelato) across the road after our walk in the McMichael Art Gallery's grounds (it's a lovely spot for a nature walk along a beautiful little stream with a mini forest around you). I think many locals will be pleased to have this food institution continue continue to delight patrons.

My only wish is that it remains old fashioned and that you still pay via the honours system when you are done and that there is still that lovely round table in the centre with all of the pies and cakes for sale. Check it out and report back foodies!
Mr. McGregor's House Tea & Bake Shop
10503 Islington, Kleinburg, Ontario L0J 1C0
(905) 893-2508

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