Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A lunch spot in Moscow - the Academy of Sciences Building
Spectacular views, an amazing building and great food! A must go when you are in Moscow. I can't tell you the price of anything as the meal was expensed for business and menus are in Russian so you are a bit in the dark most of the time there - tourist signs are not even in English (go with a security guard, driver or a guided tour!). Since it is such a great spot with fantastic ambiance am sure you need to save a few Roubles to go here.

Like my friend Diana said her $36CDN/£20 mojito at the Ritz overlooking the Kremlin was worth every penny. Maybe she was a little drunk? I recommended it there for the great views and people watching. I am curious to know what our expenses came out to that week?

We were testing out restaurants for our high net worth customers so we only went to the top spots around town and tested out lots of champagne, lobster and desserts. Lucky E and I love to sample the finer things in life so we had a great time, minus the maniac boss acting like a complete arse, but it wouldn't be normal if he wasn't a complete slimy and stupid twat!
Anyhow, get to the Academy of Sciences Building to impress your boss, date, lover or Russian Oligarch. And then pay the bill in your local currency a month later when you get your Amex statement. Spasiba!
360 degree views

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