Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Travessa, Lisbon

Jochem outside the entrance
A must, must, must go! If you are in Lisbon you must visit this converted convent (founded in 1653) and have the most divine food and wine. I had green wine for the first time and ate the most delicious meal consisting of fresh fish appetizers and a main of fresh octopus grilled to perfection. All of it served by the nicest and most professional staff (UK restaurants should take note).

It was our only night in Lisbon and we all piled into the hard to find restaurant after a long day at work. The interior and decor alongside the convent's original features make it absolutely splendid (I didn't have my camera so these Blackberry pics will have to do until you visit their site). There is also a fantastic courtyard which you can eat on during the warmer months.

Bernardo was complaining that this weekend it was too hot in Lisbon - 35degrees (boo hoo it is still hovering around 20degrees here). I can't say enough good things about this place except that you must eat here if you are in Lisbon. View their website as there are some great photographs which will give you a greater feel for the place and you can read up on their history, enjoy!
The restaurant is nestled in a quiet residential area with the lovliest mosaiced/tiled exteriors.

Cobble stoned streets leading up the little hill to A Travessa

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Bang Del said...

What we have here.. Hmm yummy.. If I have a chance to visit you Dolce. What a wonderful city :)