Friday, June 12, 2009

Coopy so sweet!Cooper sent me a box of chocolates - he found this box of Quality Street that were all the same flavour! I like the blue coconut flavoured ones the best (Coconut Eclair) and in the past, I have had to fight Rexi for the long thin ones which are the Toffee Fingers. With this box you only get your favourites which is one flavour, but CP didn't know that I am a big fan of the coconut and took a very British guess, they love their chocolates mixed with orange here.

Here's an idea, they should do a half and half box, like the chocolate and vanilla ice cream cones from the trucks!

Anyhoo, I like my whole box of orange creme flavour as they are yumm - I especially like how they arrived by post - many thanks to the chocolate fairy! Would it be really cheesy to send Coopy a box back for his bday? Not very original eh? Maybe Rexi will get a Toffee box when she arrives along with her Turning Leaf bottle of red vino (don't worry it is waiting for you my darling!)

There is a countdown to beach holiday where there will be daily bikini wearing so may have to share these with some peeps at work. Keeping these in the house can be dangerous. I just Googled these and found out that you can only order them online so visit the Quality Street site to get a box for your Granny or Mammy.

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