Sunday, June 14, 2009

Un chewy steak frites si vous plaitI love steak frites but at this joint right in Le Marais, my steak wasn't fit for a dog. My chips were also stock standard cheapies, the ketchup was odd and I made the mistake of going to the toilets and viewing the second floor of the restaurant's mess!

We had walked by a few times during my visit with Mme. Andre and it was always bustling with a bohemian looking clientele. I should've not tried it for myself as it was truly disappointing experience - and the menus were so dirty, ew!

The best part of my visit was sitting next to an elderly French woman and conversing with her in French about how long she had lived in the area, her time as a psychologist and I thoroughly enjoyed watching her slurp her moules and frites with delight. At least those looked better than my steak. She then spent the time before and after her lunch pruning the little pots of flowers on her and my table and then paid her bill and said she was off to do her daily chores of reading and painting with a spot of grocery shopping. I loved her!

I didn't get the place's name but if you recognise it from the pictures than stay clear. Will ask Madame Andre what it is called too.
My steak, and the restaurant from across the road.

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