Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever
The Beatles song says, 'Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about' - I think the strawberry juice in this bottle was real and it was nothing to get hung about indeed - unless you wanted the biggest sugar high in your life.

Omylordly! It was super, super sweet and almost like eating strawberry jam out of the jar - there was nothing to protect you from the extreme sugar taste. I can't remember the ingredients but I think it was pure strawberries with lots of sugar mixed in (Ranoush can you verify?).

Ranoush buys this juice for one of the students she tutors but my advice would be to give it to him after his lesson, so his parents have to deal with him climbing the walls. Below, I know it's not food related but I had to post a picture of Jumeirah beach, a reminder of the holiday which feels oh so long ago...

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