Monday, March 16, 2009

Argentinian Feast
Yes this was a £40 steak! Omg - Dubai is expensive. But, it was eaten at one of the best hotels with live dancers and at the top floor of the 5 * Jumeirah Beach Hotel's restaurant, so I guess you pay a little more for: the atmosphere, the view and the sound of Argentinian music and songs coming from a young Arabic chanteuse, he was lovely and mesmerizingly good.

The beef came from Argentina, therefore some transport costs must be factored into the cost, non? It was great food but warning - the Indo-Mexi-Vega-Dabi-Dubi is not cheap!

Pic: Ranoush eating her steak, which unfortunately was not served with Fatoush -my favourite salad. Ah just found the business card, the restaurant is called La Parilla Argentina - I recommend going with a rich Emirate - who can pick up the bill while you enjoy the live dancers, they are wonderful! Will try and post some pictures of them and my lovely steak, which came from Australia. Nothing really comes from the UAE, everything is imported as beyond the city's limits it is a dusty, barren desert. Luckily we missed the sandstorm, a Londoner can only handle so much bad weather!

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