Thursday, March 19, 2009

My new favourite drink - Mint LemonadeThis drink is to die for and I stress, is only made well with fresh ingredients!

In Dubai it is a specialty and found everywhere, a few places use syrups instead of the fresh ingredients to make it cheaper for them, but they do not taste half as good. For a small dinner gathering at the Onion's house the other night I brought all the ingredients and made some, although mine were a little too sour and the mint was ground so coarsely, it was like eating some freshly mown grass. Luckily the guests were gracious and spit out the extra grass, into the sink. Next time I will blend the mint longer and skim a layer of it off so only very fine bits are left. It was a trial session so no complaints please.

For you to try it at home - get a few lemons, a few limes, some brown sugar and a handful of fresh mint with some ice and cold water (squeeze the juice though-don't throw the whole lemons and limes in the blender and it would be good to peel the mint leaves off their stem).

Whiz it all in the blender for a few minutes and voila you have a healthy & refreshing drink.

Since I don't know the exact measurements of each you need to test out the sugar levels as I didn't use any measuring spoons. After my first few sips when I thought my cheeks would remain in a permanent pucker I added a few more generous scoops of sugar. If you can make lemonade you are halfway there - just add lime and mint!

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Anonymous said...

MMM CB mint has already sprouted - what's the recipe as i am counting on a field of mint again this year