Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Need I say more? Look at the phone and key that you get at Fritzy's hotel. Omg what century are the Swiss-Germans operating in? Seriously it was like going back to the 80s at some points, it was even worse in Prague. Anyhow at least our dinner at the fancy restaurant, am too tired to remember the name of it, was delicious. One of our customers couldn't make it and for us be able to book a table there again we had to keep the reservation.

It was divine, will post more later but for now have a look at Fritzy's gf who was enjoying the decadence before retiring to Room no. 4 to hear the trams whizzing around the roundabout all night and have her deluxe breakfast consisting of apples, served on an odd clay tray.
You can't see the table full of fat, ugly men behind Fritzy's gal who were with their young pretty things. This past week has shown me that if you are an ugly dude, get yourself to a Eastern European country and you can get the hottest girl (looking for a passport and some ££) on your arm.

The same doesn't apply for women as Eastern European men stink like garlic and are somewhat grotesque. More on the overdose of garlic in the Czech Republic, I thought dinner at Ramsa's was the garlicy-est you could ever get!?

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