Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mmm, I love a bit of cake!
As Marjorie from Little Britain says, ‘Mmm I love a bit of cake’, as she is telling everyone in her Fat Fighters class that they are all morbidly obese. You should watch the DVDs if you can as that character is hilarious.

It has been a hectic week with work and have been in Switzerland and Prague in the last few days. I have loads of pictures to upload and lots of food stories to write about. I need to show you ‘Fritzy’s' phone and hotel room that my colleagues enjoyed, while we luckily (yay!) got upgraded to the Hilton. We had the most delightful fruit juices after our early morning trek to Basel, mixed by the most detail oriented bartender ever; watching him make our juices was like watching a master chef.

More to follow... and since it was my birthday too, I am trying to fill up on cake before the next round of cake comes along with the Dolce’s next week. Happy Birthday to all the Aries born in the last few days – best wishes to my favourite Godson Prince James-y in particular!

The cake in the photo is from Marks and Spencer, isn't it lovely? For 40quid, it can be yours.

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Anonymous said...

£40....I could do just as good as that Sandsy Sands!!!

Love the Cake Baker xo