Friday, March 20, 2009

The Flower Menu!Do you not love this flower menu from Tom Aikens! I am heading to the garden centre this weekend to buy some flowers to cook up, anyone want to come for din din? It was lovely Lara's birthday yesterday so perhaps she can be my tasting guinea pig. Happy Birthday again Cara!

I thought the flowers on the menu would be simple like, courgette flowers but there some I have not heard of, what are nasturtium flowers?? (Just googled it, its a type of watercress flower)

May have to go for lunch for my bday here, have been meaning to go to Tom's Kitchen for brunch the last few weekends but have gotten lazy and just stayed local. Will have to make a plan to get there soon! Wills and Kate ate there recently so if its good enough for the Royals then I can give it a try.

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