Monday, February 23, 2009

Ms B is ~ so very EnglishMs.B is oh so very English (sometimes very Northern too). To me, she does a lot of 'very English' things, this is probably since I work and play in a United Nations type of circle with English people being the minority of the group. At work and at home I am part of a multicultural 'tossed salad', that was the term we were taught as youngsters at St. Chuckleberry. We kept our ancestral identities and worked well in this salad bowl unlike the US where everyone throws their cultures away at the door and jumps into the melting pot of America.

Anyhoo, I digress...Ms.B does some particularly English things and the other day she said she was making a very English dinner that evening. When asked to guess I instantly said 'bangers and mash' which was correct! First guess and I got that she was eating the typically English/Northern meal of sausages and mashed potato. She bought the posh ones at Waitrose which have tomato inside. That said with an English accent is -tom-ah-toe - dahhling.

Lots of love Ms. B! Am off to make a cuppa Yorkshire tea and have a biscuit... xx

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