Sunday, February 22, 2009

What is Paul eating? Part 2 Candyman a.k.a Paul was eating these last week 'Millions,' which are candy bits that taste like strawberries. They looked a bit retro and on the tube it said that there was real fruit juice inside. I think he thought that this would contribute to one of his 5 a day requirements. There was in fact, fruit juice inside but the strawberry juice was very far down on the ingredient list. The main ingredients was, you guessed it sugar! Oh how he loves his sugar fix; he even donated his real strawberries to me as he said they were not good anymore. I think buying those real berries was an attempt to look healthy, I bet he was one of those kids who never ate his veggies. Well look forward to another week of candy adventures with the Candyman. And these little millions were tasty!

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