Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What a Cuppa!
In Preston new records for the largest cup of tea (400 litres) and largest tea bag (60kg) were set, and in Camden Lock the longest line of pizzas ever (285.5m) was created (who comes up with these categories?).

Elsewhere, Anita Schwarz thought her dreams of bringing the 'most beer steins carried' record back to Germany had been cruelly shattered after she managed to carry 19 giant foaming mugs only 40 metres, but the adjudicating powers created a new category in recognition of her efforts and she is now the official record-holder for 'most beer steins carried over 40 metres – female' (they really are making this up as they go along ...).

Also in Germany, 5.4 litres of juice was extracted from grapes by treading in just one minute by teutonic treading titan Martina Servaty, beating Belgian Tijs Vandoorne into second place for the coveted (and imaginatively named) 'most juice extracted from grapes by treading in one minute' record.

And in New Zealand, two separate records concerning the time taken to peel and eat kiwi fruit fell - the 'fastest time to peel and eat three kiwi fruits' is now, officially, 36.91 seconds (an astonishing average of 12.3 seconds a fruit) and the world's 'fastest time to peel and eat a kiwi fruit' now stands at 16.15 seconds, both feats achieved by Alastair Galpin (that's 16.15 seconds for a single fruit? Hang on a minute ...).



Geraldo Maia said...

Hello Sands,
This is indeed a good and interesting shot. I liked of it.
Best wishes from Brazil:

Sands said...

Thanks Geraldo! Any food records in Brazil?