Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What is Quinn Jr. eating?It gracefully slid off the sword and landed in Quinn Jr, the Bunny, Quinn Sr and my plates. We all gave it a try and it was very interesting indeed, a bit rubbery but a tasty little bauble of goodness. It was a tiny chicken heart that was barbecued to Brazilian standards, served up at Rodizio Rico on Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill.

I think my food inhibitions have been removed after my tripe and lamb brain trials earlier this year - so why not a chicken heart? We eat pate all the time, non? And that is a mix of duck or chicken liver and other interesting condiments. I was arguing with the Quinn princess that there is no difference between liver and heart and that the liver is something that purifies one's toxins while the heart is the organ of love - this didn't work and she still didn't try it.

If you want a big night of lots of barbecued beef, pork, chicken and lamb then go to the Rico. For 20quid you get all you can eat and it is really tasty. The salad bar was a bit salty but is only filler and apparently the real Brazilians don't eat that stuff they just go for the meat that swirls around the tables carved up by servers brandishing large knives.

Don't be afraid - unless you are a vegetarian!
Pork or beef rump, rind, steak or something - who could keep track?!

The chicken hearts

chicken heart photos from the net- teeny tiny.

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