Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kensington Square Kitchen
Had a lovely lunch here today at this little gem in Kensington Square. It is so fresh and clean inside and has a very Californian feel to it. I love the interior decor and the light and fresh menu was great. I had a club sandwich, which you rarely see on British menus.

Simple food served in a simple setting, always the best way to enjoy a meal. If I were to own a restaurant it would be very similar to this one. The lovely Paolo from pmmb Design would do all the interior design and it would look even more fabulous than this! (what a shameless plug for one of my favourite friends)

Kensington Square Kitchen is a must visit if you are in the neighbourhood doing some shopping. I think it is even owned by a lovely Kiwi. Will definitely go back for some tea and dessert soon. The table below is where our team, prior to my arrival unfortunately, used to have a weekly Monday morning breakfast catch up. Due to the credit crunch, now we just hover around the Nespresso machine (which I must admit makes a fine cuppa).

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