Friday, November 07, 2008

My substitute turkeysInstead of buying a frozen, massive turkey which would take 2 days to defrost (and the packaging had a hole in it) I opted for 2 fresh, free range, Waitrose chickens.

I lathered them with garlic, fresh tarragon, salt, pepper and roasted them with olive oil, carrots, onions, sweet potato and regular spuds. Served with bruschetta to start, stuffing, vegetables and vegetarian lasagna it was a fantastic belated Thanksgiving dinner. I started cooking at 11am and didn't stop til guests arrived at 7pm - that is a long day of peeling and preparing, my respect for housewives significantly increased that day!

Then there was the lemon meringue pie that the Bunny made, which should and will have its own post. It was delicious! There was lots of wine consumed and it was a great evening with the NHG and the other London family members.

The Yanks are celebrating Thanksgiving soon so hopefully I will get invited to another dinner - maybe this time there will be turkey!

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