Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Fichi d'IndiaFreshly picked, peeled and eaten right on the Puzzo farm. Prickly pears, opuntia or as the Sicilians call them fichi d'India are delicious. You must peel them carefully otherwise you get the spini (spines) from the cactus plant in your skin and it is painful (I got one stuck somehow). I ate about 4 of these in a row and thought that was my limit although I haven't had one since that sunny day and now wish I'd had more. I think they will be around at Christmas so looking forward to some imported ones. I also like the red ones as I like the way they stain your fingers and lips.

The best way to eat them is as is - freshly peeled - when they are chilled they give a fresh sensation to your mouth, along with all of the seeds. A must try.

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