Sunday, September 28, 2008

What to do with leftover rice?

Create Nasi Goreng – which in Indonesian translates to ‘fried rice’. It is my favourite item on the Street Hawker menu at present. In Indonesia it can refer to a meal where the rice is served with other things like chicken, prawn or beef or it can be just the rice itself that is the meal, with pieces of meat or fish inside it. I ordered the beef version and my partner in crime ordered the pad Thai, this combined with a bottle of La Chasse Du Pape, from the Cotes du Rhone region made for a wonderful evening star gazing out across the city from the top of Primrose Hill.

I think the one from the Hawker is made with tamarind, cashews, shallots, spring onions, soy sauce, egg and extra chilli on the side. On Wiki it says you can eat Nasi goreng any time of day, which is great, as I have been known to have it for breakfast. If you have any left over rice, let it cool down or store it in the fridge, whack all these ingredients to it in a fry pan and there you have it a great, tasty and quick Thai style meal.

I prefer to get mine from the Hawker as you always bump into one of the neighbours there! And guess what, they serve all their meals with chop stix – ahh city living.


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