Friday, November 23, 2007

Gerry at the market week 2
Unfortunately the Gerry at the market series is coming to an end as he is leaving ol' Blighty for a 3 month holiday in sunnier climes. LA, Australia and Thailand to name a few of the lovely spots he will visit. Today is his last day in the office so I thought I would post pics from the last outing we had to Borough Market. As usual Gerry is a stage hound so posed appropriately for the pics. I am trying to figure out how to post a pic of him in his fluorescent green, Borat man-kini on the blog?! It is hilarious. Maybe will have to write about food in Kazakhstan and slip the pic into the story.

At our last outing to the Market I opted for the scallop wrap again as I couldn't resist and Gerry diversified and got the fish and chips from the FishKitchen!

Fish! restaurant located in the market also have a standalone take away stand. Owner of the Fish! group of companies Tony Allan started with the fish restaurant at Borough in 1999 and now has this little fish and chip shop and owns Jarvis The Fishmonger in Kingston which sells fish to wholesale and retail customers. Fresh, sustainable and good quality fish is part of their mantra. And only fish. Their restaurant menu is 99% fish and their Fish! stand sells only fish and chips. Specialize and you will become an expert!
If Gerry goes to the market today will get him to take a farewell pic for the readers. The Cottle family are born entertainers (they had the largest circus in the UK at one point) so am sure I will have more Gerry news in the future! Have a great trip Geronimo! x

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Anonymous said...

You are so so so lovely! ‘gerry at the market series’….i love it!

Thank you for being a pleasure to work with, laugh with, and of course eat with!

I will miss you as much as I miss the market and that’s saying something!

Keep in touch, and above all keep happy and healthy…don’t eat what I do! Top tip!


Gez x