Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ta da....Mrs. Pat Hale's Gorgeous Pavlova
Remember folks in an old posting when I told you about the lovely Mrs.Hale and her pavlova recipe. Well the picture I attached to it was probably made out of fake plastic and hairsprayed into place as it was so perfect looking and gleaming.

This is the picture that actually accompanies the recipe and Pat made this especially for us to view and drool over. The photo took a while to arrive in the UK as the cord to the camera was lost (the cat may have ate it!) but here is what my lovely NZ mother said...

Had fun making this for a dinner party with friends. Robbie loves it and would eat it every day!!! But hes not allowed!!! Farmer Robbie am sure ate all the left overs-that's Pat's hubby.

MANY THANKS PAT for submitting recipe and photo, now all you other lazy buggers get on it and send me some of your recipes and pics - I know you cook at least once a month ;)

More Sicily posts to come just swamped with the day job....always seems to get in the way.

Love to readers in New Zealandxxx

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Bunny Hale said...

Nice work Mum! I can assure everyone this pav roll is the BEST!

That'll be what I am scoffing on Christmas day while at our beach house soaking up the sun!