Thursday, October 05, 2006

Fresh Bread Daily -how lovely!
This is what London and any other large city needs.

This is the local bread man in the town who comes around each day with a variety of breads in the back of his truck baked fresh each morning. Each day you have a fresh loaf of bread and because of this it goes stale v.easily as there are no chemicals in it (someone at work was surprised to hear this as they said their bread from the shop lasts forever, duh-read the label it has a million ingredients that are not part of the simple ones that make up bread) .

This fellow loved coming to the home each day as two pretty and bubbly 15 & 16 year olds who were in town for the wedding would greet him and choose the day's bread. (they are from northern Italy where bread is bought in the local bakery not delivered like this) so they liked to go down and choose and have some banter and see what the sweets were too...he always had a basket of pastries, croissants and other chocolatey treats. Yum!

Not sure exactly how this would work in bigger cities, he would have to deliver to offices so people can take their bread home for their evening meals, bar them being on any of these crazy carb-free diets.

Will have to have a think about this and put out a the meantime have a look at the lovely treats in the back of Joaquin's truck (not sure how to spell his name in Italian)


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