Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fresh and Wild -organic kiwi fruit

All I have to say is try them! When you think of kiwis you think of them as fuzzy sour ass things. These organic ones are divine, smooth, sweet with a tangy flavour but not pucker up sour and no fuzz and grown in New Zealand - lots of nice things come from there....Mrs.Pat Hale is one of them.

Get to my new favourite food shop Fresh and Wild(yes am trying to go wheat free for those of you that hear me moan about my dead rat syndrome-esp. Bunny... thx for being patient!) there are a few around London but I am a frequenter of the Soho one...good for a healthy, organic lunch and interseting to browse around all types of products you have never seen before....cage-free eggs and fruit vinegar to name a few.

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