Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Am back....
Back from sunny Sicily. It amazes me how beautiful it is there. The sea is such a gorgeous shade of blue it sparkles and the rolling hills seem to hug you as you travel through them.

As it is 11pm and I came in on a cheap Ryan Air flight last night and waited about 2hrs to get through customs and only arrived home at 3am this post is going to be short.

Mini summary, I ate, wrote lots of recipes, ate some more, went to the beach (the water was incredibly warm-although I swallowed a mouthful when an unexpected wave interrupted my floating) ate some more, went to a family wedding, enjoyed observing the Sicilian way of life, ate some more and wrote lots of recipes. Not bad for 5 days.

Will write in more detail when I download pics and get settled back to life in London again.

Here is a pic of a local fruit market in the town where I stayed.

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