Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Figs-have you tasted one?
Have been eating fresh figs from the market lately and a few people have said they have never eaten one? Hmmm....whY? And one of the people won't mention any names (JT) comes from California the land of sunshine and fresh fruit! Isn't it called the sunshine state or fruit belt of America?? Get to the shops and pick some soft figs and eat them - I know you liked them when we had them off a dirty street in Soho.

Why is it that figs are not as popular as they are in Mediterranean places? We grew up on figs. We ate them mainly raw after meals -Italians finish every meal with fruit, my grandmother put them in cookies and sometimes if you were adventurous they could be in sauces (but only in modern Italian cooking).

I will try to get the fig cookie recipe from my mom or aunties in Italy. Will be there on Friday and enjoying the sunshine -not sure what the internet connection will be like, if any? Stay tuned for a post which may take a while to be uploaded....maybe my family have high speed internet and I will post snippets from my weekend of being stuffed like a turkey with home cooked food (can't wait!)

Well for all of you who have not had a fig, go and buy some - the vendors all around London sell them right now they are 5 for 1quid (the pound sign on my keyboard doesn't work) but make sure they are soft and that you can break them open by just gently splitting them in half with your hands. Yum!
Check out this site with tonnes of recipes made with figs. Waitrose is our posh grocery store for the Canucks reading.

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