Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Dear Bloggies, the cookbook project is back on and above is a pic of Momma Dolce's secret meatball recipe made with organic ground beef. That is the only way I like ground beef!

The lovely Jake spent a day with All Things Dolce to take photos of 14 dishes I whipped up for him. He left with a bag of food and a full tummy as usual and we in return got some amazing shots (the above is from my dinky camera).

More photos to follow and more blog posts to come now that a very busy period has passed. Le Dolci has been very busy, we just had a fantastic Cupcake Masterclass this past Friday - see photos here   

It was a wonderful evening with cappuccinos and cupcakes and lots of lovely ladies making cakes for their children and husbands (who were babysitting!). Another cupcake class date will be set shortly. Thanks to our lovely friends at our favourite Italian deli in London - we heart Alimentari!

Off to bed bloggies. I hope Londontwon is less soggy tomorrow for my mini purple broccoli plants to get some much needed sunshine.

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