Tuesday, April 06, 2010

After having a horrible birthday this year, I decided to change the date to make sure that my new birthday was with people that I loved. So indeed it was post-poned a few days and I spent it with some of my favourite people in a small country cottage with great food, wine and a lovely home made birthday cake.

The simple things in life are the best things and I am glad I moved my birthday date a few days forward! A dirty seagull swooped down and ate some chips from my plate on my birthday this year -gross (that was only one of the bad bits!). My special Easter/Birthday lamb dinner was prepared with love and was probably better than most 5 star restaurants and my banana birthday cake with one candle (to signify turning 21, of course!) was just what was needed for a great birthday.

Thanks to the Bunny for making my special cake and to the D&E for a fantastic weekend!

Hope everyone had a happy Easter with loved ones.

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