Monday, April 26, 2010

The abundance of good quality decorations is not very easy to find in Londontown, in Canada you can go to several bulk food places and find tonnes of cake decorating items at bargain prices but in the UK you have a SMALL selection and it is super expensive. I will never understand how these things work sometimes? 

Anyhow, the good old supermarket and cash and carry where I buy my supplies for Le Dolci does carry my favourite decorations made by Silver Spoon.  The brand carries the best decorations at a reasonable price and the lovely people at Silver Spoon also contact me every once in a while to see if I would like to trial their products, yes please! 

So, I received a little package in the post and used their decorations for a batch of cupcakes to go to some sweet little 5 year olds! The best part of this job is seeing cute kiddies enjoying cakes. And also the adults too! I did have 4 cupcakes for breakfast the other day (all for quality control purposes, of course!) but do think that this job could get dangerous as my metabolism starts to decrease. I will have to go to D's personal trainer soon to get me some abs of steel like he is getting - wow - a personal trainer does work and I have witnessed real abs on a non-gay man! 

Keep the cake addictions going people of England, just make sure you work it off by dancing or walking or doing the London Marathon (a fabulous event that happened yesterday!) Next year I should make cupcakes with little medals on them and hand them out to runners - they deserve it! 

Thanks again to the Silver Spoon peeps for sending me sweets - my customers have given it the thumbs up as have I.

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