Monday, December 21, 2009

A bit of Christmas cheer

Back in warm-ish Canada, well it is warmer than freezing London. So for people without kids, beware as when you do have them your day can go something like this. Wake up at 7am, make and eat french toast, play and make rainbow cupcakes by 9am, wonder what the hell to do for the rest of the day for about 30 seconds in between more playing of Hungry Hippo, kids Monopoly and tag. was only 11am and I was already exhausted. So at 1pm it was bowling time, then more playtime and more cupcake eating.

Cousins of the children's age came over after bowling so that eased the play requirements, snuck in a bit of Oprah watching, Le Dolci emails and a bit of pub action tonight with the Adopted Lebanese sister and the real Italian fiery one.  I have done very little walking as this is the land of the vehicle so Momma Dolce's home made pasta and veal have gone down a treat and it keeps on coming. 

Today's cupcake making had a 'rainbow' theme and each cupcake was a color of the rainbow (well we tried as best as we could!) It's great to be home for xmas, more food adventures to come. Bring on the Christmas feast.


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