Saturday, October 24, 2009

Le Dolci -Menu

Cupcake Classics

• Viva Vanilla –our best seller - a smooth and creamy vanilla cupcake

• Ciao Coco –classic, rich chocolate cupcake

• Limone L’amour– everyone loves luscious lemons and when in season, we use Sicilian lemons

Le Dolci ‘s Cupcakes with a twist

• The Hangover Cupcake -cupcake with crunched up pretzels, chocolate chips, coffee grinds and a hint of Tabasco - topped with a coke bottle or optional bacon bits (for a severe hangover)

• The Ladies Who Lunch Cupcake - champagne infused vanilla bundles of goodness

• The SAD Cupcake – add a bit of sunshine to your day with this bright yellow cream cheese frosted cupcake filled with natural sources of pick me tryptophan (serotonin booster) from bananas and nuts with a sprinkling of vitamin D

• The Sicilian Cannoli - a fresh ricotta and chocolate chip infused cupcake with a hint of pistachio, Palermo style (a homage to the Mafia Motherland)

• The Better than Botox Cupcake - a soy infused cupcake with blackberries, blueberries and pomegranate

• The Gym Bunny - a bran and granola cupcake with raisins and honey perfect for after work-out revitalization, no frosting equals less calories

• The Break Up Wake Up - white and dark chocolate chips, milk chocolate chunk, almonds and hazelnut with a sprinkle of fairy dust to change your luck in love!

• Great White North - crunchy apples, fireplace roasted cinnamon, mini marshmallows and Canadian maple syrup cupcakes with a sprinkle of snowy white icing sugar (a homage to my Canadian homeland)

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