Monday, October 26, 2009

I have had a great week and weekend, especially for a foodie as I have been out almost every day trying a new restaurant. It is not good for the pocketbook but I am sure that food critic job will come along soon!

One of my stops this week was a visit to the Saatchi Gallery - a must see when in London and lunch with the lovely Dane, Mrs. B at Cafe Oriel on Sloane Square. Stepping into Cafe Oriel is like stepping into a French Brasserie in Paris, I loved it. I am definitely going there when I feel like I need a little bit of Paris love.  Even our waitress gave us a little bit of French attitude. I had a crab salad, which I loved (I love fresh crab) and Mrs. B had the soup of the day which was a lovely tomato one.

I didn't take any snaps in Oriel, I was most likely too hungry but close your eyes and pretend you are in Paris wearing a red, French beret having just been to the Louvre (you skipped the 3 hr queue in this imagination) and stepped into one of their quaint corner brasseries in the trendy Le Marais district, you're with a mysterious and handsome French man who is smoking a cigarette and stares at you with smoldering eyes from across the table while you both sip on some delicious Bordeaux - (errm....back in the room) it is just like that. Although this one is full of Sloaney Ponies with very large diamonds draped on them and we weren't speaking French, although technically we could be. 

Merci pour un grande jour ensemble Mrs. B!

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