Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Turkey day!

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving and to celebrate here in Blighty I defrosted a big bird and cooked up some traditional grub for my favourite people. A few of my favourites were in Australia/Canada so it wasn't the usual gang tucking into the turkey. J-Lo said she would come early to learn how to cook a little more (she just mastered the boiled egg- and is having a child so needs a few more lessons!) but she turned up after her 'nap' just in time for the meal to be served; I think she knows my sister as they have the same impeccable timing. The Burger and Mr. F came along with cake in hand. It was a yummy cheesecake that although I shouldn't eat cheese, I did anyway as it was that delicious. Mr. F took some of these great photos and he is the designated cupcake photographer from now on. I am hoping to use some of his photos on the new site.
The Parisian sickies came and were not eating as much as usual just in case the gastric flu hit them again but they brought some French Madelines from Paris, some lovely garlic-infused olive oil from Siciliy and their lovely warmth and grace (yes, they have been traveling for weeks!).
There was the usual turkey, stuffing and lots of root vegetables roasted (potato, sweet potato and carrots) and some lovely vino to accompany it all and some OJ for Miss Prego!
We did the traditional - round the table - what are you thankful for question and the usuals came up - thankful for great food, friends, famliy our health and happiness. Very corny and someone shed a tear (we won't name names) but it is just what thanksgiving is all about; being thankful for all of the luck and fortune that you have been given. All of us around the table have been truly lucky and blessed in our lives. Ok, enough sap! It was a lovely evening and I love hosting the annual turkey day - gobble, gobble! Hugs and love to my family in Canada - from what I heard, I think they were stuffed turkeys too yesterday!
The oh so yummy cheesecake.
The turkey heart-which no one ate!


Vancouver BC realtor said...

Hi. Beautiful pictures. We had yesterday very similar cheesecake. It is my most favorite dish during Thanksgiving. However, turkey is very good too and I should not forget about the pumpkin cake as well. I can't imagine Thanksgiving without these dishes and our family waiting for them. It's probably the most widespread tradition in Canada. Now, I still enjoy the atmosphere but I'm looking forward for the next year.

Good luck,

Anonymous said...

I wasn't even at the table and I got teary just reading about all your thankfulness (is that a word?)

Love you, CP

Dolce said...

thanks Jay & thanks CP! Yes it is a special time of year. Send me your pics and I will put them online with a little blurb on how you celebrate in your homes.