Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pizza East, ShoreditchWent there last night and it was great. I didn't know it only opened on Friday. We are way ahead of the trend, non? Trev is always the cool, Italian speaking dude who knows where to go. We were celebrating Le Jedan's opening night of her new show 'Women of Manhattan' get tix and go!

Soho House Group's new venture – Pizza East – opens on Friday in the Tea Building, Shoreditch. With concrete walls and steel refectory tables, the restaurant pays homage to the building's industrial past. You can get everything from a basic margherita to a duck sausage pizza with shaved artichokes, boschetto al tartufo and parmesan. There's also a takeaway service and a shop selling sauces, oils and branded merchandise. Visit their website to see some fab photos click: Pizza East.

Go there and sample all of the appetizers - especially the ricotta with honeycomb I had the clam and garlic pizza and it was divine. They make a thin pizza with a puffy crust -I think that's their signature way of doing pizza. Yum!

Pizza East, Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1

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