Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boys shopping for dinner
A hungry little boy

We sent the two boys to get dinner for two hungry families. They were been bro-mancing all day; talking sport, drinking beer and golfing - it is a bit of a Paris Hilton and Nicole scenario minus the purse dogs.

Well not sure but perhaps they got carried away, lost track of time and then went to buy food that is not very kid friendly. But all that would've been fine if the George & Brad Pitt duo came back with the food before dinner time or brought something we could eat right away like pizza. George Clooney or Bradley Pitt? I guess him and Quinn Snr need to decide who's who in the bro-mance.

All the ladies and chitlins were anxiously awaiting a meal as we were starving after a day at the beach. While waiting we cracked open a bottle of wine with the Sting lover and then dinner enters the door. But the food (lobster, steak and seafood) needed to be cooked! Very boy-ish non?

Luckily Momma Dolce came to the rescue and fed the kids some spaghetti with tomato sauce and we all nibbled on some crackers until the boys grilled our suf and turf dinner. It was delicious and yummy but no more bro-mance shopping or if they are sent out again, it should be done during the day!

Secret: The boys spent their birthday last year together at......the Spa?! hmmmm.....

It was lovely and yummy and we were thankful after we were able to recover from our hunger pains ;)

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