Saturday, September 26, 2009

The 'roll up' craze

You can buy turkey with ranch dressing roll ups at Tim Hortons, you can buy pre-made cream cheese roll ups at the grocery store and you see roll up ads on TV. Not a new concept but I guess some marketing peeps are breathing new life into the craze of a a few years ago wraps (!) or pita or crepe concept. In keeping with the theme of the month, I made fajita and Nutella roll ups for my nephews. I think we can call the fajita ones 'soft tacos' but let's stick to roll-ups as there is a theme here going people.

So JJ and PM enjoyed their roll ups immensely. JJ played with his in his mouth til his gobber rolled down the middle of the roll up, 'awwh how cute' you are saying; well everything is cute to me except the gobber! And notice the glam Mardi Gras beads he sports with every outfit. He has them in several colors but some days he accessorizes with one strand and other days he is more Coco Chanel and wears several strands together, oh so fashionable at such a young age, must take after his devil wearing Prada Aunty.

Back to the RUs - heat your pita or fajita in the microwave for 10seconds and the wrap becomes nice and warm so the chocolate melts a little, yum. That might be my breakfast for today if I can source some fajitas at the Tesco in the petrol station??!

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