Sunday, September 27, 2009

$1 cookie for charity
I love this idea as it is simple and attracts all audiences in Timmies target market. It increases brand awareness of Tim Hortons being socially responsible and having a philanthropic side and it is easy for those latte activists who want to do good and donate to charity but don't actively seek out the donation of money. Therefore, buying a cookie is an easy way to get pleasure from the chocolatey goodness while doing good at the same time. Much better than a fatty boom boom doughnut.

The only downside is it is run for a short time -6 days which is a little burst of goodness. It should've been a month or at least two weeks as am sure all the prep, collateral print and logistics of this might have costed a lot for such a short campaign. In short, I think it is a great campaign for Tim Hortons, who have also in the last few weeks re-located their head office back to Canada. They went to the US for tax breaks but are now back (what is the Canadian government doing to businesses if they have to move to the US for tax breaks?!)

Anyhow, v. simple: customers buying their daily coffee pick up a coffee and a cookie (for a dollar) you can't buy much for a dollar these days unless you go to these crazy places like Dollarama and then you can buy a tea set from China for $1 (?!), and proceeds go to the local charity. When I purchased my cookie the local children's hospital in Hamilton would benefit, I wonder what the proceeds per cookie actually are?

The munchkins loved the Smile cookie, I felt better for it, it averted a doughnut purchase (which I think is fattier) and all were pleased. And who doesn't love a soft and chocolatey cookie? Job done!

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