Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The saltiest bacon known to mankind
Bergy's gift to us from Wales was a lovely hamper of bacon, eggs, cheese (which I re-gifted to Andy) and chutney. How sweet! But look closely at the photo above - do you see any meat on these strips of heart attack bacon? I think he was trying to raise our blood pressure as this was the saltiest thing ever; it was almost inedible. Juicy was the only one who may have eaten a whole piece.

Bergy, next time you can skip the bacon and keep the chutney, cheese (for re-gifting), duck, guinea fowl and regular chicks' eggs in our gift hamper! And you should've given me a warning as cracking the guinea fowl eggs was probably the toughest thing I did this week! Those little browny eggs are so tough. I didn't really know what guinea fowls were but Berg sent the eggs and said we could eat them and he is the farmer, so I trust the expert. A pic below for those who do not know what a GF looks like :) All the various coloured eggs in their different shapes and sizes were delicious!

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