Monday, June 08, 2009

Cotton Candy
I love cotton candy or candy floss as they say here in the UK. This one was purchased on the boardwalk in Brighton and was consumed quite quickly with the assistance of the 4 sticky little hands of my cute nephews. I think the allure of cotton candy as a child is not only the taste but watching the man spin the candy from that big machine that magically breathes out hot air and then spits out the wonderful and woolly like creation which is twirled so gracefully around a paper cone. That would've been a fun summer job, non?

I wish they didn’t come in bags like they do now but have someone actually doing it fresh for each customer; just like they used to do at Crystal Beach Park (the fairground near the beach where we grew up). And I prefer the pink candy floss, the blue is not real cotton candy it was probably created for whiney little boys that didn’t want to have the pink color.

It was invented in 1897 in St. Louis by two dudes and am sure someone like Johan can explain in intricate detail how plain sugar can come out in such a wonderful shape, he is the physics geek!

I think I might buy the home machine that I saw at Selfridges but am sure it will not be the same. I wonder if you can return a cotton candy machine if it spits out a crappy product? Stay tuned, I might try. Some random image I found on the net from Disney Land Hong Kong.

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