Sunday, June 07, 2009

Am bacck!(Mr. Freeze - freezies)

Apologies bloggies, I had the Dolce family in town this week and it was a full on week of eating, drinking, sightseeing and enjoying the glorious London sunshine. Not London Ontario, London England! Yes, that is correct Mother Nature was very kind to bring sunny and warm weather for almost the whole week! I was as shocked as you probably are reading this. One day it rained and was like 'proper' British summer so they did get the full London experience.

Lots to blog about foodie wise - one observation: having little kiddies around means you need to feed them constantly and their eating habits are sometimes peculiar. I think the highlight for them was the copious amounts of ice cream we had each day in various formats. Luckily I had a box of freezies, the Canadian term for an ice lolly, in the freezer which kept them calm for at least 3 minutes each day. The rest of the day from 7am til their bedtime of 9pm (it really should be 7.30-8pm, but they were too excited to sleep) was filled with constant action and they both didn't take naps! Again, much respect goes to parents everywhere. It is tough work!

I never bought so much milk in my life, these kids drink a lot of milk in the morning and at bed time. Well am going to miss them dearly but it was fantastic and will cherish all the fun we had, there are some great memories to stash away (and lots of photos!).

So back on track this week with blogging and foodie-stuffs!


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