Monday, May 18, 2009

Sophies Steak House x2I have eaten there 2x in 2 days! On my first visit, I elbowed Frank Lampard at the bar unknowingly. I thought I recognised him from somewhere but couldn't place him - I recognise no celebrities unless someone points them out to me!

His friend gave me a look when I came in as he must've thought I was a big fan - I had my trainers in a Chelsea FC bag, (I got it ages ago when I went to the game with work). JLo didn't recognise him either so we just happily chatted and drank our drinks at the bar. He is quite cute in person.

My second visit was to the Covent Garden location for an early dinner. The food and service was just divine both times. The steaks are amazing, they remind me of cottage bbqs back home, the rib eye steak is just gorgeous there and the chips are also addictive...soo good.

On my second visit we shared the Mississippi Mudsling chocolate dessert which was also tres yummy! Oh what a great foodie weekend. I like this Sophie, am going to Google her to find out more. As for Lampy, he scored a goal at the game today and Kent said the crowd chanted a song with his name in it...awwh cute. Next time I will flirt a little more, he is single now and quite fit.

Get on down to Sophie's Steak House, I would visit the Chelsea location as the crowd is much more interesting.

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