Sunday, May 17, 2009

I lick my cheese
I saw this book advertised on VSL (Very Short List) and thought it might be interesting to pick up. I think I could've submitted a few notes from my time flatting. A few may be:

  • Who is eating all the toilet paper?!
  • No Rexi I didn't eat your jar of Nutella in the middle of the night
  • One eyed freak, can you stop prancing around in your see through nighty whenever my boyfriend is up early ironing his shirt, considering you are unemployed and never wake up before 11am! He doesn't need you to make him tea.
  • Make sure to lock the windows as the neighbours crawl through when they're drunk
  • Wise-mayor! That bastard went through our rubbish.
  • Please don't leave your 'ass towel' in the bathroom.
The list can go on and on but those were the good old early days in Londontown where I had a few interesting flat mates. Rexi can concur and probably add a few more...

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