Saturday, April 04, 2009

Candyman goes for jellyThe Candyman thinks he is in good nick, but hasn't had a cholesterol test lately. He goes to the gym and still fits in his Christmas trousers so I guess he is healthy as any other Northern lad.

This week he managed to plow through some of his Vegas-themed sweeties and almost finish all the jellybeans left in his bowl- at one point he randomly pulled out a fresh, soft jelly doughnut covered in sugar! It looked sooo good I wanted to grab it and eat it whole but resisted as it would go straight to the hips - I haven't done any exercise this week. The j-doughnut was from Marks and Spencer - they do nice things in their fresh bakery section.

Am going for a run today to work off the chocolate cake I indulged in last night and to prepare for the karaoke extravaganza tonight with the Chandler

( that a bottle of champagne on his shelf?)

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