Friday, March 06, 2009

UAE - food exploration tripWell not really, it is more to get some sunshine on this translucent skin before people think I am from a Ghostbuster's movie. It is also a trip to see the Banana who has been there teaching little rascals for the last year, we may venture into the desert and eat lunch with camels - will post if I can from my sun lounger, otherwise it will have to be when I return.

It is apparently the Vegas of the Middle East so am looking forward to it; I hope there is not a tacky £5 buffet on each corner though.

Enjoy the rain and snow friends! xo


Paula and Skip said...

Enjoyed visiting your blog and send some sun and warmth your way.

Sands said...

Aw thanks Paula, pls keep it coming as we are all lacking in a bit of vitamin D.