Sunday, March 01, 2009

Morning gloryThe good peeps at Kellogg's sent me a lovely (and large) package the other day. It was a large tea crate-like box which contained cereal and a lovely wooden bowl and spoon. I think there were 4 different flavours to taste, which hasn't been too hard of a task. I have shared the cereal with my work colleagues and we are all munching on it dry in the afternoons and eating it with our milk in the morning. The consensus is that the raspberry and cherry is too sweet for all of us, am sure we will eat it when times are desperate but for now it is on the shelf, we can't seem to pawn it off to anyone.

The almond, pecan and raisin flavour is my second favourite because of the raisins and I think my first favourite is the blueberry and apple one as it doesn't have raisins. I gave Carol the raisin one! I think it is toasted so it has a nice texture and taste. It feels very hearty and warm and it fills the morning hunger gap quite nicely. The freeze dried apples don't go well when I eat it as a dry snack in the afternoon but with my (lactose free!) milk in the morning it is quite nice.

Oh what a joy it is to eat cereal again - love the Lactofree products! I have to now try their cheese that they just launched, maybe a veggie burger with some 'fake cheese' (as B calls it) is in order.

I think there is one box left to sample and it is has cashews in it which will be interesting as I love cashews. Our French colleague said she wanted to buy a box to take back to Paris as she loves granola but not sure if this can be classified as granola, what is granola anyway?

One more week til Dubai, so might have the cereal for breakfast and dinner to prepare for the bathing suit! A girl at my old work used to to this and it seemed to work. Well off to bed dear diary, am in need of a rest - am very sore from an intense Pilates session, was walking funny today!


Anne said...

I too have been muching my way through and almond, pecan and raisin flavour is my favourite, though am rather fond of the raspberry and cherry version! Makes a nice tasty change to dusty packets of muesli!

Sands said...

Ooh I can post mine to you! Don't like cherries unless they are fresh :)