Thursday, February 26, 2009

Push the buttonIn a small restaurant in Soho where you can see the waitresses, although they most likely hide to avoid working, there was this small call button. We needed something and D decided to push it to get the server's attention. I thought it was rude but it was a great way to get their attention - from their hiding spot they emerged and helped us.

It is funny how in the credit crunch we have experienced consistently bad service at the last 3 establishments we visited. Each time D and I take off the service charge and when arrogantly questioned as to why we do it, he goes into a mini lecture about how 'in a credit crunch, wouldn't you want to look after your customers?' We are not in busy restaurants and we have to wait an extreme amount of time for menus, drinks, the bill and more - it is not like we ordered a bespoke souffle or some exotic fish that takes time to be fetched from the sea?!

And in the last three instances, we looked over and there is the wait staff staring into space or chatting with other wait staff. I want to own a restaurant in the UK to show how it should be done. The customers pay your salaries people, let's try not forget this minor point!

I think wait staff don't care as they are only getting 5quid an hour so they are complacent and are not bothered if the business folds as they will find another crappy job at another restaurant! There is no ownership or pride of place or even consideration for the business owner - it seems to be plain selfishness and laziness.

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