Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dining at Providores (the queue was too long at the 'steak frites' place again!)
Two nights in a row the queue was disgustingly long at the steak frites place, not sure its name but you will know it, it's the one on Marylebone Lane with a horrible queue outside ALL the time. The alternatives were Italian or tapas at the Providores. We chose the Kiwi-owned, Spanish inspired latter. The mains were great as usual, a nice blend of different flavours but my favourite was the dessert.

Sticky banana and date pudding with salted maple caramel sauce, served with cardamom ice cream (this was gross and on the side). Why not just plain vanilla ice cream? I guess some people like the taste of cardamom with their ice cream, not sure who though. We ate very well and had lovely wine too, although you can't really go there if you are too hungry as you would need to order a lot of tapas to fill you up. I was quite happy about that as it meant that I had space for the delicious dessert. Ed watching over the pudding, not eating too much of it as he is on a dairy free diet - this was good news as it meant more of the sweetness for me!

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Anne said...

Yes I am one of those (rare!) ones who thoroughly enjoys cardamon ice cream, I buy tubs locally with cardamon and pistachio in, its divine but no one seems to share my love, which is a good thing as it means no one eats my ice cream! :)

The pudding sounds delicious :-)